Facility & Shelter Rentals

​If you are interested in reserving a facility or shelter, please read the required information in the rental brochure below.



Reservations for each season will begin on the following dates:
​WB Residents have 5 business days to reserve a date before they are released to the general public. Nonresidents can reserve 5 business days after the dates stated below.

  • March 1 for May-August (indoor rentals) & May-September (outdoor rentals)
  • July 1 for September-December indoor rentals
  • November 1 for January-April (2024) indoor rentals

When the date scheduled falls on a Saturday or Sunday, reservations will begin the next regular business day.

To reserve a facility, fill out the appropriate form and return it with a copy of your driver’s license by mail, email, fax or in-person:

Recreation Activities Center
4640 Walnut Lake Road
West Bloomfield, MI 48323
Email: info@wbparks.org
Fax: 248.738.2529

Shelter Rentals

Shelter rentals are available the Saturday before Memorial Day through the end of September. Reservations can be made starting March 1.

Shelter Use Agreement


Shelters are available for rent at the following locations:

Marshbank Park (2)

Drake Sports Park

Bloomer Park

Keith Sports Park

Marshbank Park Lodge Rental
Marshbank Park Lodge Rental

Facility Rentals

Indoor rentals are available at the Marshbank Lodge, Drake Community Room and the Recreation Activities Center.

Facility Use Permit Application

Lily Pad Springs Private Rentals

This is a service for residents or businesses of West Bloomfield only.

  • Reservations begin (to be accepted) April 26 at 8am
  • Rentals are available between June 12 and August 13
  • Includes one hour splash pad (from 6:30-7:30 pm) and two hour tent (from 6:30-8:30 pm)
  • Up to 100 people
  • Fee $550
  • Limited availability

Lily Pad Springs Private Parties are sold out for 2023.

Athletic Field Rentals

Rentals Available from April 15 – October 31

To reserve an athletic field, please email Mike Thelen, Parks Manager, at mthelen@wbparks.org.

Field Use Policy

Field Use Permit Application

Location Details

Single Game Rate

(Per Field)

League/Tournament Game Rate (Per Field) Additional or Practice Time Rate (Per Field)


(Per Field)

Drake Sports Park 3 Fields (60’, 65’, 70’, 80’ Bases) Restroom Facility $80 $70 $25/Hour


(Games Only)

Keith Sports Park 3 Fields (60’, 65’, 70’, 80’ Bases) Restroom Facility $80 $70 $25/Hour No Lights Available
Marshbank Park 2 Fields (60’,65’, 70’ Bases) Restroom Facility $80 $70 $25/Hour No Lights Available
Sylvan Manor Park

1 Field (60’, 70’ Bases)

Port-a-John Available

$80 $70 $25/Hour No Lights Available


Game Rates Include: 2 hours of field use per field. Additional hours may be added at $25/Hour. Field groomed and lined by West Bloomfield Parks Staff. Bases and mounds provided and set at requested distances.

Practice Rate Includes: 1 hour of field use per field. No field preparations are done by West Bloomfield Park’s staff. Bases may be available but not guaranteed. Renters are not allowed to groom fields.

Location Details Game Rate Practice Rate
Drake Sports Park 3 Fields Available, Restroom Facility $120 Per Game $25 Per Hour
Keith Sports Park 1 Field Available, Restroom Facility $120 Per Game $25 Per Hour
Marshbank Park 1 Field Available, Restroom Facility $120 Per Game $25 Per Hour


Game Rate Includes: 2 hours of field use time. Field will be mowed and painted as close to scheduled game as possible. Goals provided.

Practice Rate Includes: 1 hour of field use time. Does not include any field painting, goals, or mowing guarantee.


There are 2 sand volleyball courts available at Marshbank Park. The rental rate is $25 per court per 2 hour time period.

Tennis/Pickleball Courts

Courts are located at Drake Sports Park and Keith Sports Park, but they are not available for individual rental.