WB Parks has been working to improve the quality of life in West Bloomfield for more than 50 years.  By immersing people with nature, creating connections with neighbors and facilitating memorable experiences with friends and loved ones, WB Parks enhances the vibrancy of life in West Bloomfield.


Mission Statement

Sparking passion for nature while providing opportunities for community well-being. WB Parks, the nature of community.


Continuously imagine the future of recreation, wellness and green spaces, that will encourage our diverse community to develop connections with nature and one another, ultimately contributing to the vibrancy of life in West Bloomfield.


Annual Report 2023




Master Plan

2022 WB Parks Master Plan Cover

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Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan Highlights

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In June of 1969, a committee was formed in order to explore recreation opportunities and open spaces available for acquisition within our community. Just a little over a year later in August of 1970, voters in West Bloomfield established a Township Parks Commission and agreed to support its start by passing a four year, ¼ millage which provided the funding needed to get the parks and recreation ball rolling. In November of that same year, The West Bloomfield Township Board authorized the Parks Commission to also act as the Township Recreation Board and the rest, as they say, is history. The West Bloomfield Parks and Recreation Commission has been in existence ever since.

Overseen by seven, publicly elected commissioners, and managed by a commission appointed Director, the West Bloomfield Parks and Recreation department oversees the maintenance and programming for 580 acres divided over 14 township parks.


50th Birthday Commemorative Video: