Green Team


As stewards of the environment, WB Parks is committed to leading by example.

Our “Green Team” brainstorms and implements ways WB Parks can reduce its footprint and waste, use more environmentally friendly supplies and inspire residents to live a more sustainable lifestyle in their own homes.

Green Team Logo

Our initiatives are ever-evolving but here are some we currently practice:

  • Reusable water bottle stations at events
  • Staff is not permitted to purchase Styrofoam
  • Room occupancy sensor lighting in buildings
  • Computerized thermostats
  • Incorporate recycle art projects into programs
  • Composting bins in employee lunch rooms
  • LED Lighting throughout buildings and parking lots
  • Soy based/biodegradable oil products used for equipment
  • Supplying staff with reusable canvas shopping bags
  • Liquid deicer to significantly reduce salt usage in the winter
  • Implemented Integrated Pest Management to reduce the amount of herbicides and fertilizer used in the parks
  • Electric powered lawn mower and hand tools
  • We have reduced the total acreage we mow in the park system
  • The use of bio-swales and rain gardens in park designs
  • Dispose of contaminants properly by properly utilizing the Township’s hazardous waste days


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for monthly “Green Dreams” where we share ways you can make small changes to reduce your household’s impact on the environment.